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we started by analyzing what is happening in the software companies, and what can we do in order not to commit the same mistakes. The major common problem is lack of processes. The manager would win a project (how is another story) and would give to programmers to handle it. The programmers will have to figure out everything, with no process to follow what so ever, it is mostly a one-man show. A programmer that will be handling most of the work, he will be designing, planning, testing, even taking customer requirement, and change in requirement at any time. That leads to many problems, mainly the solution will take a longer time to finish that if it will finish at all, the software company is relying on developers for their work so if that person leaves they will face a huge problem, and most importantly the end result which is usually a mess. After saying all that, we wonder on which ground they are providing prices for the solution? Actually this is the main reason of having solution at incredibly high cost, as the cost is not based on anything what so ever, it is just a number that they think would be appropriate for such solution. Needless to say they mess they have created would benefit them at the end as they will ask from the client for more money, as the solution is taking longer then expected (and mostly blame the client for always changing his requirements).

So we thought about how Microsoft is developing it is software solution, and that what lead us to our solution, which is actually not our but it is Microsoft solution: Microsoft® Solutions Framework (MSF), a set of models, principles, and guidelines for designing applications. MSF ensures that all elements of a project, such as people, processes, and tools, can be successfully managed and it also provides proven practices for planning, designing, developing, and deploying successful enterprise solutions. For more information check our
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